Friday, May 29, 2015

"Wanna see something really scary" 2015, update.

The first week in August, to coincide with my release of DEAD: Snapshot--Leeds, England, I will be attempting to launch a wee bit of a blog tour. However, I would like for it to be a cross-promotional deal where my fellow horror authors perhaps put together a bit of a promo package featuring their newest release.

I have already had a few takers. Okay, I think it is now up to three including me...but you have to start someplace. Right. And, for my readers, what other blogs do YOU visit? Time to start compiling my tour list of hopes and dreams for places for this tour to appear. Because, as of now, we also currently have THREE stops on the tour...they belong to me (natch), Rhonda Hopkins, and Heath Stallcup. Those individuals are also hopefully joining me on the tour as well, so...start showing them some love now.

Who knows, I may even have the new Ava on the hook as well. However, since blog tours and I have not always gotten along for various reasons, I have decided that perhaps I should begin my very own. Now, I am hoping for maybe four or five authors who would like to step up to the plate and take part in this first annual (hopefully) "Wanna See Something Really Scary?" blog tour.

I will be the one to contact blogs (any who join are encouraged to suggest, and I will attempt to make contact) and set a lineup for the tour. By June 20th, I will finalize the list of participants and begin the task of reaching out.

So, since I know many of you, and have worked with several of you, I am tossing out the invitation. If you are interested and can commit to putting together a small package that will consist of a "All About My New Book" self-interview, a picture (and hopefully cover of the soon-to-be-released or recently released title), and a couple of things to be announced later, then drop me a line at with "Wanna See Something Really Scary" in the subject line informing me of your intention to be a part of this little soiree.

Also, if you HAVE a blog and wish to host, by all means, let me know so I can put you on the list of stops.

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