Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The World Horror Convention is in town.

Yep, the WHC is in Portland, Oregon this year. So, I will be attending starting tomorrow and promise to give a very direct and unbiased review of the event. I am actually going in with very low expectations. I am not much for glad-handing and backslapping. Also, after finding no purpose for the Horror Writers' Association, I let my membership lapse. Honestly, any attempt I made to raise a hand for help OR just to be noticed went largely ignored by the HWA until annual dues were to be paid, then I was given plenty of attention. I was even excluded from an attempt by a local chapter to start meeting (which violates some bylaw, but that is all a gripe for another time, and for the most part, I have let it go).

What I am excited about when it comes to the WHC is my chance to meet some of my favorite authors. Tops on my list is Brian Keene; he was one of the first zombie authors that I read. He has to be given his share of credit for the zombie craze such as it is today. Sure, Kirkman is the Golden Boy, and Brooks had a pretty good book (although not a great film adaptation), but Keene really wrote something special in my opinion.

In addition, I will also get to meet some non-writer types that I have been friends with for quite some time. Actually, I am feeling the pressure on that one. They say never meet your heroes, and while I don't quite fall into that category, I am meeting perhaps one of my most devoted DEAD fans. I am even hosting her and her husband for a barbecue as well as taking her husband to a Portland Thunder Arena Football League game while Denise takes her on a shopping excursion. 

As I said, not a lot of expectations on the actual convention; I see it as a necessary evil for my chosen profession. However, there should be a few shining moments in the next few days. I will tell you all about it on Monday.

Come back Friday for a sneak peak at the new DEAD. DEAD: Spring comes out this July and I am deep into it at the moment. (Actually, the convention could not have come at a worse time. I am a VERY schedule oriented person, and after the move, I am JUST getting my schedule down and refined. Now, it all gets tossed for the next week so I can sit in a big room at a table where I do not expect much to happen.)


  1. Good luck! Perhaps you will sell a few books and get to visit more than you think! Maybe a laptop to work/take notes during any slow periods. It is something to put on a resume, right?

  2. how did I miss this blog!! was I scary?? :)