Monday, March 3, 2014

Welcome back from the land of the (nearly) dead...

Okay, I am over exaggerating a bit, but I have it on good authority from actual women that kidney stones is at least as bad, but usually worse on the pain meter than child birth. And if you are curious, I named my 4mm bundle of pain "Karl".

So, now that I am almost back to normal (the residual pain feels like a constant runner's stitch) and totally pain med free, it is back to normal...sort of.

Get your copy HERE!

Welcome to the month of March and I am pleased to announce that this month's title is DEAD TREES by the lovely and talented Eli Constant. Some of you may be wondering what this book might be about. Well, let's let Eli tell you in this well crafted blurb:

Subterranean humanoids, existing since the dawn of man, arose from the belly of the planet. Humanity was unprepared. The undergrounders came with nails and claws and speed to kill people in the night, dragging bodies downward into dark tunnels teeming with rabid life. Civilization is now a ghost of yesterday and the remaining humans fight for survival.

One thing’s for sure- a scientist mommy battling beasties better be handy with a scalpel.

Elise Swanson is a widow and mother. She fights and prays that she can keep her little, broken family safe. She drives and drives, day after day, trying to escape a threat that seems… inescapable. Her hope fades, food is scarce and she watches her eldest daughter’s attempts to soothe the younger babe. Then she meets Jason- a father mourning the loss of his son, masking his pain with bravado and charm. He’s strong, despite his sadness, and love re-grows within him. Weeks pass and Jason’s singular desire becomes the continued safety of Elise and her daughters.

Bloody fights with beasties define the survival-road the companions travel. Even a few moments of safety and relaxation elude the group; time and time again, Elise must kiss her children goodbye, just in case tomorrow never arrives.

Against all odds, they reach a government safe zone. Even there, Elise finds that there’s no rest for the weary.

Doctors O’Toole and Peters have been studying the beasties under lock and key, trying to find an answer, but the doctors aren’t interested in saving humanity. Forced to lead two lives, Elise assists the good doctors in their pursuits while working secretly in sublevel lab 8 with her own team, Nick and Jamie. Their combined knowledge may be the key- the only hope humanity has of reclaiming the planet from the beasties. As long as they can keep their research secret, safe from O’Toole and Peters, they might discover the way home, the formula to click Dorothy’s sparkling red shoes three times and begin to recreate Earth as it was… before the humanoids came out to play on the surface.

What will happen when Elise, a neural engineer, Jamie, a medical researcher, and Nick, a computer wizard, are humanity’s best hope? The answer might be surprising. Wrapped up in all the uncertainty, violence, science lingo and beasties, they will find a strange solution to a new Earth.

And her name is Margaret.

Okay...that should at least have you curious. So get yours now. If you have Amazon Prime, make it your borrowed selection of the month. (Eli still gets paid, so that is a win-win!) Come back on Wednesday where I tell you how we are going to help cure cancer....seriously.

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