Wednesday, January 22, 2014

People send me the strangest things...SO COOL!!!

I love some of the quirky and fun things that I have received. Sometimes, they have daily use (like marmalade) and sometimes they are just to be admired (like my two life-size zombie heads sitting at my desk). Whatever the case, I always appreciate it and never know how to express what i consider appropriate gratitude. Seriously, 'thank you' seems so lame when people do such wonderful things out of nothing more than the goodness of their heart. Dr. Who memorabilia, KISS trinkets and Cookie Monster are mixed in with all my zombie stuff and surround me while I write.

But sometimes, somebody sends me something that is nothing more than a link to a video...and they tell me that all they could think of was something that I wrote when they see this. It is hard to explain, but as a writer, the hope is that I can create something that will stick. I don't want my stuff to just be data dumped from memory when you pick up the next book. (Yep, that is a writer's ego...welcome to it!)

The other day I got a note from a reader saying simply, "I have no idea if you've ever seen this video or not, but when I think of the littlest zombie children I picture some of these little terrors...that's not a bird they're playing with/eating.  It's an angel.  Hope you like it!"

So...enjoy. Let me share just one of the reasons I feel so lucky. People email me things like THIS!!! And then say it made them think of something that I wrote!

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  1. I will always remember the bit in Zomblog when Snoe has woken up in her hammock above the fire.... the comment about her roasting in her own juices had me giggling for ages!