Monday, January 20, 2014

Football hangover...and a possible 'hair of the dog' solution.

I will say it here and publicly, yesterday's game between my beloved Seattle Seahawks and the hated 49ers was POORLY officiated. And I am still cringing at the injury to Bowman... However, the officials did not tip that last second touchdown attempt and cause the game ending interception...that was Richard Sherman, #25...and member of the LEGION OF BOOM...and Marshawn Lynch went into BEAST MODE to gash the Niner D for over a hundred yards rushing. 

And with Seattle Seahawks are going to Super Bowl XLVIII against Peyton and the Broncos. You can bet that I will be on the edge of my seat on February 2nd. It is no doubt that I love my Hawks...but once the big game is over...what will I do?


For years I have ignored the why would I give it a look now? Simple...Portland has a team. Enter the Portland Thunder. As season ticket holders, Denise and I will be in on the inaugural season...and I will be bringing my Seahawk fan mindset to support the new home team. 

Stay tuned.  And now, I have work to do as I bring a new Ava adventure to life before embarking on the 9th DEAD (which will be almost TWICE the length of the others!).


  1. Congratulations and whatever makes you happy with the football thing. (Forgive me folks, I don't do sports but I support ANY excuse for a good party.) YEAH, AVA!
    Jamie Smith

  2. you had your fun now it is time to get serious; write, write; let's get that 9th Dead book done!!!! :)