Friday, May 31, 2013

A new release...oh...and Vinnie.

Dead: Confrontation-- Book 6 of the DEAD series.

So, the new DEAD book is out and I am already diving in to writing book 7, titled Dead: Reborn. No resting on my laurels...whatever those are. I have some concepts in line for this next arc of the book and am doing some things that have me anxious for reader response. Yep...already consumed by the seventh book and I haven't even been able to really sit back and enjoy the release of book six. Still think being a writer is easy? It is like any other job...only this just happens to be what I LOVE! If you are a skimmer when it comes to reading blogs, don't miss the note at the end on how you can win a free audio version of my latest release: Gruesomely Grimm Zombie Tales, Volume 1.

Also, the fantastic folks with Puretalon Productions are deep in the production stages of the first four Zomblog books for audio! I have to thank Erik Bryan, Emily Dane (as Meredith), and Laura Stahl (as Snoe). While it was actually Erik's Zomblog audition that reeled me in to these exceptional folks, I can not even begin to say how thrilled I am with the ladies and the way they have brought my story to life.

That was why it was so easy to continue with these amazing people for the DEAD books. Dead: The Ugly Beginning is already in production and the rest of the series will be out by summer's end. I am hoping it does well so that Erik will be motivated to stay on board with the entire series. And I am also very excited to be revealing some new cover art for many of the audio editions. More on that coming soon... But I have to step aside for a moment for "you know who".

Yo, Vinnie DeSporto here, so listen up. First off, I don't much care for being shoved down at the end of a bunch of crap dat Brown coulda said earlier in da week. "But, Vinnie", I can hear him sniveling, "I don't do blogs on Tuesday or Thursday." Boo-freakin'-who.

Anyways, today I have chosen the S & M librarian who goes by Suzi M.

Va-va-va-voom. Am I right guys? Somebody tell Barbra Eden we found the model for those cartoon eyes in the credits of I Dream of Jeannie. It is honor of dis babe dat I have officially started my "DeSporto Babes" club. How do you become a member...simple...for starters, you gotta look like dat. (Look up about an inch if you need a know what an inch is, dontcha Armand?) So, Suzi...or whatever your name is, I mean seriously, I will probably forget anyway, so just get used to bein' called Dollface, as da charter member of da DeSporto Babes, you need a t-shirt and a pitcher of ice water...and a sponge. "But Vinnie," I hear you ask in what I can only assume is a nagging voice like most broads have, "what do I need a sponge for?"

Hey, my car ain't gonna wash itself.

Next week, I will be turning the heat up on I readin' dis right? "The Summer of Zombie Blog Tour"? What da hell is dat?!

Oh well, Steppin' on toes in da Rose City, I'm Vinnie DeSporto, in yer face.

So, be here on Monday for a shot at a free audible copy of Gruesomely Grimm Zombie Tales Volume 1. Imagine if your grandma told you bedtime stories..but with zombies!


  1. Just got my copy of the new one. Can't wait to dive in. You should take a breath, and enjoy your accomplishment, Todd. It's a great thing to produce a series that has people waiting for the next book. Congrats!

    And Vinnie - you are such a bad boy. LOL

    1. Yes...he is. And I hope you enjoy the book