Wednesday, May 15, 2013

30 minute reading--Children of the Plague

Okay, I have a slight dilemma. I am embarking on this 30 minute reader project. However, I think it needs a catchy title. So, all you smart "catch phrase" types...throw a few things my way. If it is really groovy and I use it, I will give you the eBook of your choice from my catalog. (I will send you the MOBI unless you prefer something else.)

That out of the timer is set, my copy of Children of the Plague is on my desk, and I will begin


Wow! That was quick!

So, now that the story is starting to flesh out, I am able to make a few observations. First, I love how this book seems to straddle sci-fi and horror. It is like The Twilight Zone meets Tales from the Crypt. There is a definite pace to this book . The tempo has you reading fast to stay up with the energy.

New people that I met: Pete...maybe a cop, but initial feelings are that he will be a "good" guy. Lanni's twin brother, Alex, he gets a few more scenes and comes in with a bang eventually. I almost feel like he will be the heel...or "bad" guy if you will. And then there is the beastie. I won't give anything away here, but I really dug the description of it and how Gregory included a variety of the senses. So, you not only get to paint an image of it in your mind, but you now have the distinct pleasure(?) of associating it with certain smells.

Now for a tiny critique...a bit "comma happy" at times. The good part is that he uses them in all the right places...but he also had a few extraneous ones. Overall, if that ends up being my biggest complaint...I think we can live with it.

See you next time!

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  1. It goes by very quickly! If I were being totally honest, I'd call it the 30 minute (or so) reader. I run over my limit now and then, but that can just be our secret... ;-)