Monday, March 25, 2013

The Walking Dead--315

This is the beauty of these stories...when somebody with no redeeming qualities finds some measure of redemption. If you didn't choke up just a bit in the end when Daryl has to end Merle, you are made of sterner stuff than I.

Of course, the crux of this episode is "What are you willing to do to stay alive?" Rick is initially on board with handing over Michonne. When you have that opportunity to save those you love by giving up somebody that you have no real attachment, can you do it? Especially when there are no guarantees. I have overheard people taking philosophy courses have discussions like "You are at the switch with an oncoming train. You can let it take out your (insert relative) standing alone, or a group of 5 strangers." This is just a variation on that theme. Of course, as viewers, we have the advantage of knowing that The Governor does not intend to honor the deal. Still, this is one of those moments that will define you from that moment forward.

So, now I have to pose something to the ladies...

The proposal. was not much as far as proposals go. But here is the question. Is that where you want your ring to come from? Glenn definitely did NOT go to Jerrod's. Personally, I think it would have been more poignant to give her the watch. I open the floor to you all...but I just really need to know what the ladies think on this one.


  1. Daryl's having to kill Merle horrified both my husband and me. You know, Daryl loved, feared, hated, and admired Merle. Such a mix of feelings would add horror to a situation like that. When you have someone who inspires such conflicted emotions, you always think you'll reconcile things or that they'll change. But when they die, you realize that it's all set in stone and you have to live with it forever. So, yeah, I cried for Daryl...and Merle.

    As for the ring, I found it poignant--a sign of the times, sort of. It was kind of like the episode where they stopped to pick up the backpack of as they drove by, knowing they'd left that guy to his death. Out of necessity, these people have had to let go of both their sentimentality and their ick factor.

  2. I only watched that episode recently, after reading your books I watched the whole walking dead in a few nights(put me in zombie mood)
    By the way if the walking dead is so popular and on tv..It's really only a matter of time for dead or zomblog
    But back to the ring, I personally thought it was nice, I'm married and don't have an engagement ring, I have been waiting for years
    So I would have loved that ring, wouldn't care I've it came of a corpse or outta any jewellers(in a post apocalyptic world anyway)
    I thought it was cute when Glenn proposed, he's kinda an awkward guy anyhow