Monday, March 11, 2013

The Walking Dead--313

This episode had the feelings of the precursor to war. One scene in particular struck me as something out of the Civil War. After a good degree of testosterone was being displayed, a few walkers finally show up outside while Rick and The Governor are meeting inside. Daryl and Martinez get into an "anything you can do I can do better" moment with Martinez twirling his bat like one of The Baseball Furies from The Warriors. (Of course, anybody familiar knows what Ajax said...and then After dispatching the episodes obligatory walkers...the two share a moment very reminiscent of Civil War Generals who fought alongside one another one day, and prepared to face off on the battlefield the next.

Meanwhile, Andrea continues to be stuck on stupid. Merle is..well...Merle. The rest of the cast are basically stuck in Limbo as their respective heads of state sit at a table in an abandoned building on a conveniently well lit platform. It is all about the building of tension in this episode and the one beauty was that you did not have to wait for the meeting. It happens at the start, however, the one thing that most of us watching are probably wondering is "Why not just shoot the bastard when you have the chance, and be done with it?"

The answer is simple. What would we watch next week?

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