Monday, March 18, 2013

The Walking Dead-314

Andrea had her "ah-ha" moment. After everything that she has seen, heard, and even witnessed, this is a little too little too late. What we saw here is a great example of the way people will become so dependent and desperate for leadership that they will allow those in charge to get away with things they would never accept from "the common" people. It is also interesting to see the way people will believe what the "powers that be tell them" if it paints their cause as just and right while clearly depicting the "others" as bad.

The Governor has finally exposed his full basket of crazy. The torture room is only part of the picture. What the hell is up with the whistling? This guy could have his own spin off series...oh, wait...

There is a new development with Tyrese and his people that I found to be very entertaining. And it paints Tyrese with some real human flaws. He actually hurls a pretty nasty low blow at one of his fellow travelers that stings. This is probably important to remember that particular moment when he eventually joins with Rick (which has to happen) so that when he starts to cause trouble, people do not think he is "just now acting up". Tyrese is gonna be a truck load. And the million dollar he holding a grudge against Rick now, or is he waiting for his moment to ambush the governor?

Only two episodes left...

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