Sunday, October 28, 2012

Season 3, episode 3...or "Merle, is that a knife in your pocket...or are you just glad to see me?" Yes, there was little doubt that Merle would resurface. Honestly, as a fan of the graphic novels, I figured that he would become "The Governor". Instead, they decided to give us a Ted Bundy type instead of the blatantly obvious bad guy.

I must admit that I watch the AMC Storysync with each episode during its premiere. When questions come up like "SHould Andrea and Michonne stay or leave, and a quarter of the voters pick "Stay", then I have to wonder what the hell show they are watching. Whether or not you have read the series is irrelevant, The Governor drips evil. How is anybody missing that?

This episode is all about Andrea and Michonne arriving at Woodbury. Now this tiny community of 73 (soon to be 74) citizens is just waiting to be exposed as a haven for evil. The question that remains is how many of the citizens are "in on it." With Merle walking around free (but seemingly very much under the thumb of The Governor if you pay close attention to one scene) and a man in a dark lab performing experiments on the walkers (or biters as the Woodbury people call them), you just know the facade will have to crack.

Right now, Michonne seems to be the only one keeping a healthy distrust. Andrea is either playing The Governor, or she is starting to sip from the Kool-Aid. That remains to be seen. However, if there is any doubt about The Governor, that is put to rest in the end. As an owner of several aquariums...I was a little put off by his collection.

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