Monday, January 12, 2015

When you can't even GIVE it away...

Over 40 titles that I have gifted from my audio collection have gone unclaimed. Now, I am totally okay for those who don't like or care for the audio book. Also, some folks may try it and decide it is not for them. Again...TOTALLY okay!

However, that means, in the spirit of the holidays, I am about to embark on some SERIOUS re-gifting. Want the list? Here it is.

DEAD: The Geeks (Vol. 1)--3 copies

DEAD: Perspective (Vol. 1)--3 copies

DEAD: Vignettes (Vol 1)--2 copies

That Ghoul Ava (all 4 titles in the series)--2 complete  4-book sets

Zomblog--1 complete audio book set of the 6 book series

DEAD--(the 8 books currently available) 3 sets

Now, maybe you are one of those people who have either forgotten, or simply have not gotten around to snagging those freebies. Cool. Drop me a line and let me know. However, since I have resent many of these titles to the intended winners and they remain unclaimed, I think it is safe to say they are not digging the audio love. Cool. That just means that YOU get a shot at claiming these babies. Simply shoot me an email at with "I AIN'T TOO PROUD FOR A RE-GIFT" in the subject line. And let me know what you want. Want one series? One book? Or ONE OF Somebody needs to use them. 

Sadly, these are code for the American version of Audible. However, if you are a UK fan, no worries...I still have some free titles to give away to you. Just email me at

Lastly...anybody interested in starting an audiobook review site OR even an audio book club with a few friends who will share the experience and maybe meet and discuss. Shoot me an email. I will tell you how you can not only have my stuff for FREE, but also how I would be available using Google Hangouts for a little Q & A session with you and your book club.


  1. Truly sorry for not getting my free audible version of a Dead: The Geeks but I read it from kindle unlimited. It was great!

    1. Email me and I can absolutely send you a copy of the Geeks audio book (Perspectives and Vignettes as well if you like).

  2. i have tried so hard with audio - but i just fall asleep which is not very productive. Even tried walking the dogs with them but i just fell in a large mud puddle as was not paying attention - seems i have poor multi tasking skills

    1. Can't have you falling into puddles. You just keep being one of the champions of my written versions and I will be more than happy.