Monday, January 26, 2015

Running for my life.

My mornings are a time to ramp up for the day. On some days, I start with a run. Everything is dark and quiet. It is amazingly peaceful. The only problem I have are the undead that are often right on my heels.

Seriously. You think I am joking? Or maybe this is the start to some new short story? Nope. I have an app on my phone. Zombie Run 5K. I found this little gem while surfing around one day looking for ways to get myself up and in shape to run an actual 5K (without the zombies). I found this app and it has actually worked wonders in keeping me on my routine. Even better, now Denise has started and I am very proud of her as she heads out the door in the mornings with me. She brings Tyrion and I bring Aoife.

To keep her from feeling the need to deal with my pace, we actually separate at the end of our street and do our own thing. I am utilizing all the hills around where we live. She is just getting started, and so she keeps to a route with fewer of the heart rate spiking slopes around the neighborhood.

In any case, the beauty of this app is that it is telling a story as you go. Also, you can have your own music that is on your phone pumping in the background between "transmissions" as you train and eventually take part in runs as the fabled "Runner 5". Personally, I need the help from Ratt, Van Halen, Motley Crue and others as I run. It helps take my mind off the fact that I HATE RUNNING! 

Yet, with this in my ear, it really does help keep me going. And once you finish the training on the 5K app, you can graduate to the Zombies Run! app that has a plethora of missions with more coming seemingly every year. The fun really begins there as you have the option for random zombie chases to begin. In those, you have to increase your speed to escape. You get a distance warning and can even start to hear them as they get closer. If they "catch" you, then you might lose some of the valuable resources that you managed to acquire as you build your base.

New Year's always brings on resolutions. Many revolve around physical activity. So, if you are trying to get motivated, but just have not found the way...perhaps give this a try. The app is certainly helping me (and Denise)!

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