Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Warriors, Maniacs and Spartans...oh my!

As spring draws closer and I am now (mostly) done with moving into the new house, I have returned my attentions to getting in ready for the "extreme" runs coming up. After last year's Warrior Dash, I finally found something that made running suck less. I don't like running...never have...never will. I am a gym rat sort of guy. I like the clang and clank of weights. When I run, you want to use a calendar instead of a stopwatch to time me. But for some reason, throw in some obstacles, mud pits, and fire...sign me up!

This year, I will be hitting several such events. The cool thing is how many of them also raise money for things like St. Jude's and the Wounded Warrior Project. Seriously, that is the only reason I can think to pay for being tortured. Coming up at the end of May...Rugged Maniac!

After that, it is a slurry of events that include the Atlas Race...

The previously mentioned Warrior Dash...and then, the one that only a fool would underestimate (as well as under train for)...The Spartan Run!

Wish me luck. And if you want to try something new...there are worse things.

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  1. You have guts, sir. You are also masochistic and crazy, but you have guts (and my admiration).