Monday, February 10, 2014

Let's read a book together...

Okay, since almost none of my "writer friends" actually chimed in (wave to the empty room Debra R. Johnson), it looks like I will be going it alone for the first part. To that end, I have selected the first title. In my quest to support my fellow Indies, I am selecting Odium by Claire C. Riley. That also falls in with this being "Women Horror Writers Month".

Get it HERE!
 So, how will this work? Simple. Grab the book and start reading. On Friday, pop in and look for my update. Also you can see on Goodreads the amount of progress I have made under my "Currently Reading" area on my home page.

I invite you to snag your own copy and get reading. We are behind this month, so beat feet!

Now, in other things...are any of you taking in any of the Winter Olympics? What are your thoughts on the games? you prefer the Summer Olympics to the Winter?

Short and sweet. Now pick up a book.


  1. since i'm so picky i'll have to go read what it is about and see if they offer it on amazon?? i hope it is something i will like!! i need a book to read since you aren't fast enough, :) i still blame your superbowl... hehehe. Summer is best! IMHO.

  2. okay i checked it out i'm in; but can't start till tomorrow, i get to engrossed and won't put it down if it is good, and i got to do taxes, lol.

  3. Yay! Claire is an amazing writer! I've read Odium and Odium Origins twice and I can't wait for Odium II to come out! Buy the book! You won't be disappointed!! <3

  4. I just grabbed my copy! I'll get a blog post up soon about it, try to help get the word out. Can't promise I can keep my goodreads progress update, though!

  5. if i had the extra money i would join, need to stick to books i own

  6. Because I am OBSESSED with you
    I will purchase and read this book
    Then I will get back to you
    Cathy Bothwell

  7. I hope that you're all enjoying the read :-)

    1. I can only speak for myself, but I am LOVING it!

    2. Awesome, Todd! I'm so pleased :-)