Friday, February 7, 2014

A challenge to all writers.

Okay, I am admitting it right here...I have been very busy the past few weeks. New books coming out, the Cancer anthology being put together...getting prepared for my Spartan Run. So my free time is at a premium. We all know how I spent last Sunday (as I continue to bask in the glow of the Seahawks' Super Bowl victory).

But I have to come clean and admit that my READING has taken a nose dive. Now here is the a writer, I depend on READERS. Yet, lately, I have not cracked a spine or turned on my Kindle (except to play a few rounds of Candy Crush here and there). Now, I can claim the defense that I am now very in to listening to audio books. But honestly, that is not the same at all.

So I am throwing down the gauntlet to some of my fellow authors who make the same excuse. How about we start a little Book of the Month club. We take one author and let him or her present the title of their choice and then we read it. Now, we need a moderator and a person to randomly draw the names, so how about one of my non-author friends? That would make it fair so it does not seem like I am playing favorites (me being chosen three months in a row would be a DEAD giveaway..see what I did there?)

So, if you are interested, just give a yelp in the comments section below. I think that, as writers, we need to stop making excuses NOT to do the very thing that we rely on for our livelihood. So...who is in?


  1. *rubs hands together in evil glee* You sure you'd want to read books that 'non-authors' suggest?

  2. this is a great idea, you could even sweeten the pot and ask your readers to join in and read the same book that you choose? i know you don't seem like a cheesy book club type but it wouldn't have to be like that. i don't want you to get in a funk especially when you've only got a lil bit of Dead-Spring wrote, :)

  3. I hope this works out for you. I am not an author but do writing and know what you mean between working 50 hours, full time school for my degree, and house work my free time is limited. When I do get to read of course I choose one of the books that I can not put down and end up staying up way to late. So I hope this comes together for you.

  4. I definitely want to get in on this. I'm ashamed to admit that I've also fallen behind on my reading lately, and I try to get at least one indie book read a month. I don't think I'll ever learn how to balance things myself, so it might help if someone just tells me what to do. lol

  5. I like this idea. I have ample time at work between customers, it wouldn't hurt me one bit if i were to expand my horizons by reading something I haven't chosen. Count me in.