Monday, December 30, 2013

My "Best of" list for 2013...sort of...

Okay, so everybody does it...they make lists of stuff for people to compare and maybe even find a few "gems" to look in to for themselves. It is sort of the easy way out. So I want to make my list at least seem a little different. To that end, here are my top 10 highlights of the year. These can be anything from books to movies, to music. I want to make a mishmash of stuff that made my year fun or enjoyable on a consumer level. So before any of you think me too shallow, these are not the ten best "events" of my year...that would include things like my week long camping trip in the Oregon Coast Range, Denise's surprise birthday party, attending an all 80s tribute band night featuring tribute bands Unchained (Van Halen) and Poisin'us (duh...Poison), and time with my daughter, Ronni. Just wanted to be clear...

So, without further delay, here they are...and NO, they are not in any order.

10.) Miami Spy Games by Armand Rosamilia: This story is SO under appreciated. It is a wonderfully crafted tale that certainly deserves a look if you have not yet done so.

9.) The Crazy Ones: And stick around at the end of the episode for the is great to see Sarah getting nutty with Robin.

8.)  Assassins Creed IV: As a fan of pirates, this "sandbox" game gives you an open world where you can spend hours talking like a pirate! "Heave to, me trumps! Arrgh!"

7.) White Trash Zombies: Diana Rowland has something funny going on in the Bayou. If you are in the mood for some zombie fun with a gal who could be Ava's new BFF...this is a series worth giving a shot at. I have a new way to use my credit of the month.

6.) Frozen: I admit it...I am an animated movie junkie. I love Disney films. Frozen is one of the best in a long time. Denise and I had a blast seeing this.

5.) Meet the Millers: Despite how much of a mystery it is to me that Jennifer Anniston can't keep a man around...she was Hot AND funny in this movie...

4.) John O'Brien's A New World: Conspiracy: This is John's best piece to date. His writing has gotten even better and this effort was his best by far. I know his series may not be everybody's cup of tea, but you should give it a try if you want a military thriller...with...not zombies...these are Night Runners...scary on a different level.

3.) Rocksmith 2014. Since my band days are over, but I still want to play my guitar...this is the answer. Besides...who wants to push buttons and call that "guitar playing". And no, I won't apologize to you Rock Band types who think there is any accomplishment in adding a fifth button to your plastic guitar. I will stick to the REAL thing!:

2.) "Extreme" running events: Now that I have my first "Warrior Dash" under my belt...2014 will be the year of transformation for me. I am re-committing myself to a fitness regime like never before. Stick around as I keep you posted on my attempts at Insane Maniac, a return to the Warrior Dash...and the event I am most excited about "The Spartan Run". This race has a VERY HIGH drop out rate and is not "just for fun".

I can't wait!

1.) Sleepy Hollow. I know it may not be for everybody, but I am REALLY enjoying this new series. It is a perfect mix of scary/funny/thriller.

And there are my top ten diversions. If I am not writing...chances are I am involved in something relatted to one of the above. Have a safe and Happy New Year!

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