Monday, December 23, 2013

Learning to walk on your own...

This won't take long. I still have a couple of lists to share before the end of the year, but first, I wanted to share what 2013 revealed for me.

I have always been one of those "I can do it myself" types. I didn't need help, thank you very much, I was quite capable. However, I learned over the last ten years or so that it is nice to rely on loved ones. I also know that not everybody has that luxury, so it was even more important that I appreciate it when it becomes available.

Somewhere along the way, I dropped my guard and let people who were really just "casual" acquaintances become involved in my dream of being an author, in defining my perception of my value. In addition, I was hitching my wagon to others and thinking that they were vested in seeing me do well. The reality is seldom so rose tinted. The truth and fact is, there will be better writers than me who do not see the success I have enjoyed, and there will be those who are worse that reach a bigger audience. My success is going to come from my hard work and continued perseverance...along with a dash of luck.

I have had my struggles, those have been documented and shared here on a few instances. There are those who hate my success, and for a while, that got to me. However, I had some very wonderful people in my life who told me they believed. So, when somebody I had come to trust and respect turned their back...I let that get to me for a while. But after a bit, I realized that I got to where I was without that individual...and I have thrived. My readers are the most wonderful people...many kind enough to tell me how they enjoyed my book series, be it DEAD. Zomblog, or Ava.

I don't need to hitch my wagon to anybody else's. I got here on my merit. There will always be detractors.  I fight every day with slipping in to the "old" ways and telling people EXACTLY what I think. But why slow down my own continued progress because of somebody else? 

Be thankful for those who have your back, and be for others the type of person you want in your own life. If you are shallow, do not expect depth from others. But by the same token, don't allow a social media site  to redefine the REAL meaning of "friend". I have met some wonderful people that I have never met face to face that I do actually consider real friends. And along the way, I learned that some people will always be there for you...through good and bad, better or worse. Others won't. That is real life.


  1. So true, Todd. People will come and go, for good or bad reasons, and we have to stay on our own paths. There may come a time when you will need to cut ties with someone close, for your own good reasons, and it may not be easy for anyone involved. Do what you need to keep your goals on track and your loved ones feeling as needed (and wanted) as you know they are.
    Jamie Smith

  2. Your an amazing writer
    You deserve your success. . . And then some.!