Wednesday, May 30, 2012


So, everybody else has one...I guess it is time to jump on the bandwagon. A lot of this will be trial and error, so be patient.

I will be posting in between trying to get my GIANT TBR list read and reviewed for Brutally Honest Reviews over on Facebook, writing my next book (currently preparing to start on the fourth Zomblog installment titled Zomblog: Snoe) and editing numerous projects both inside and outside of May December Publications.

I hope you will hang around and see what happens when a self-employed writer embarks on his first Blog tour. Tell your friends, have them sign up to follow. Who knows...I may even do the occasional "give away" as a promotional hook to bring in more readers.


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Will be following.

  2. Congrats!!!! I wish you great success and can't wait to start reading!!