Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Latest Book Has Arrived

So, on May 30th, my latest novel Dead: Winter became available for sale on Already, the gears are turning for book five (Wowzers!) and the directions it might go. I say might because I am one of those writers who HATES (yep...I meant it in all caps) outlines. I believe they can make a story linear. I like spontaneous changes in direction. My thoughts are that, if I didn't see it coming, chances are that neither did you.

So, as I spend a few days basking in the post-release glow, my guilty pleasure is checking my KDP page for sales info. So, far, I have not been disappointed. I may not be breaking any records, but it was great to see my book open to double-digit sales.

Tomorrow, things begin in earnest...The Summer of Zombie Blog Tour kicks off and NaNoWriMo begins. No rest for the wicked. Also...I just started and I already have my first "Guest Post. Straight from the aforementioned tour...June 3rd you will be treated to the musings of John O'Brien.

Since this is a new thing for me, you'll have to give me some time to gather my legs underneath me. Now...I am off to try out my brand new Barbecue Grill. Ahhh...the joys of Summer.

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