Monday, March 2, 2015

Embarking into the darkness.

Okay, that is a bit on the ominous side as far as headlines go. The truth is that today marks my first full day in the recording "studio" such as it is. I am actually undertaking my first full-length novel as a narrator. Of course it is my own work: DEAD: Snapshot--Portland, Oregon. But fear not intrepid friends and followers. I also have another piece of work that I have been enlisted to do, so I can say that I have my first paying gig! No spoilers, but it has the potential to do quite nicely.

I would not be anywhere close to ready if not for John Bricker from Falcon Sound (the studio that brings you my DEAD series on audio). He has been on some very long calls with me as I muddle through my "test drive" of the equipment and software that is used to make this happen.

To that end, I am now ready to take those first unsure steps as I branch out into another realm. This adventure has been humbling to say the least as I learn about an entirely different skill-set that is much more than simply talking into a microphone and calling it good enough. You never realize how many unappealing breaths you take as you read something. And then there is the whole "try to make it sound interesting" bit.

I do have some old radio chops that have been brushed off, but that is really only helpful in that I do know how to talk into a microphone. Beyond really does me very little good. The other massive commodity that this requires is TIME. With my current schedule, I have no idea where I can create such a thing. So, it now means just making my 10-12 hour day into a 14+ hour day. I get up even earlier, before anybody or anything in my house is stirring. And, at least for the next 10-12 weeks, no days off.

Oh well, sleep is overrated. My wife may disagree, does what one must. 


  1. Awesome! Good luck and looking forward to hearing it!

  2. Good luck with it Todd. I am sure that it will be a successful endeavour for you.

  3. Sounds great Todd. Good luck on your new venture dude!