Saturday, October 26, 2013

Winners of the have a choice to make.

Okay, so I promised a copy of the series to 5 fans of the ZOMBLOG series that would give you the first 4 books in the series. However, there were 10 eligible commentors, so I will let the group of you decide this by a vote. I can give the 5 sets to four of you...OR...


I can choose a single grand prize winner and let EVERYBODY have ZOMBLOG and ZOMBLOG II.

You can email me your vote in secret so there is no pressure. So send your answer to and I will post the official list tonight and make the arrangements for the codes to be sent.


  1. who were the winners, I did not see a list last night.

  2. Given a choice, I'd rather see more people get a few. Especially if I could get a few copies to Pam.

  3. Attention all my entrants, the vote was unanimous and a true showing of generosity, so everybody will be winning. To make it special, I will announce the Grand Prize winner on Monday's blog. As well as how to claim your prize. If you know any of the other entrants, please be sure to let them know to tune in tomorrow.