Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Short Attention Span Theater...and stuff!

So, you have a week to snag James N. Cook's No Easy Hope--Surviving the Dead Book One if you don't already have it. I will be featuring it over the next few weeks in my 30 Minute Reader (shamelessly stolen from +Gregory Carrico and his super groovy blog), so get your copy and join in on the fun. 

For those of you wondering how things went with my last title, No Regrets by Ace Frehley, the book really hits its stride once he talks about the KISS era. There has been a lot of bad feelings in the air when the KISS breakup is on the table. Ace, to his credit, goes out of his way to take the high road most of the time. Having read Simmons' side, I can say that Gene did not do the same. In any divorce, there are always hard feelings and bad stories. Ace owns his problems with addiction and admits where it damaged things for him personally and professionally. 

If you have ever been the child caught in the middle of an ugly divorce, you know how it felt for KISS fans over the years with the Gene/Paul vs. Ace/Peter thing. Ace does say that Gene was all business from day one and that the Frehley approach was more about having fun being a rock star. I see both sides...or at least I did until Frehley shared one instance that really hurt him.

During the reunion, Gene was putting the movie Detroit Rock City together. He invited Ace's daughter to come to California and be in a bit part. She was thrilled and Ace thought it was an amazing gesture from Gene...until the movie came out and his daughter's scene was cut. And, since Gene was in control of the edits, Ace feels no choice but to take it personally. His thoughts were basically, "Do what you want to me, say what you want about me...but when you hurt my kid..." I never took sides in this breakup until that revelation.

In any case, the book is a must for KISS fans and a good read. I would also suggest it for people battling with addiction since Ace spends a lot of time talking about his own struggle.

See ya later.

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